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Thames Vale Youth Orchestra

Nom de l’orchestre où jouait le jeune Jonny Greenwood quand il avait 13 ans, et qu’il commença à suivre son grand frère Colin aux répétitions du groupe On A Friday.

[quote cite=”Details” cite=”novembre 1993″]Colin’s little brother, Jonny, who was fourteen and was playing viola in the Thames Vale Youth Orchestra, hung around their rehearsals until they let him join.


[quote cite=”Jonny Greenwood / Uncut, novembre 2012″]What do you remember of your teenage years as a viola player in the Thames Vale Youth Orchestra – and when was the last time you played one?
Nick Claiden, Whitby, N Yorks
It was the first time I heard a full orchestra play, so it was a special time for me. We used to practise at Larkmead School in Abingdon. I remember being impressed hearing this room full of strings all playing in tune (unlike school orchestras…). Mind you, I soon put a stop to that from the back of the violas. I only just managed to get in – it helped that I was playing the unloved viola. The director had us play lots of Sibelius, and I still listen to his music, the violin concerto being a pretty good way into classical stuff when you’re a kid. I stopped playing in orchestras when we signed to EMI and started touring.[/quote]


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