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Kid Rock

Kid Rock a très régulièrement fait sa pub en distillant des petites phrases pas fines sur Radiohead :

2002 :

[quote cite=”Kid Rock” cite=”juin 2002, source inconnue”]I mean, I’m sure nice guys, and we could probably have a beer and have a great time hanging out, but I don’t just don’t like the music,” he said. “I do not get it at all. I haven’t given a lot of it a chance. It might be ignorant on my part, but for the most part I’ve seen a few live things and heard some records. If I’m having a party and I’ve got some chicks over hanging out, and all my boys are hanging out, I’m not grabbing for the Radiohead CD. Flat out, it’s not gonna happen. If I’m in the office with all my computer buddies and we’re trying to design a website, I might put on Radiohead.[/quote]


[quote cite=”Kid Rock” cite=”Q, 2002″] I don’t hate them [Radiohead], I just don’t understand them. I’ve listened to their music and it does nothing for me. If I have a party on tour I’m not going to grab for the Radiohead CD to get the party started. » The star joked it might be funny to tour together. « They can go out and be sad and I’ll pick ‘em up. [/quote]



D’ailleurs, en 2002, il pousse la provocation un peu loin. Dans le clip de “You Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me”, vers 1min09, on le voit s’essuyer le derrière avec du papier toilettes Radiohead… très fin n’est-ce pas ?


2006 :

[quote cite=”Kid Rock” cite=”IGN, 17 mars 2006“]IGN Music: Is that why you drop the line ‘f*ck Clay Aiken and Radiohead’?

Kid Rock: That was just kind of fun. I’ve been poking at Radiohead for years just because I don’t get it. I don’t mind that people do, I just don’t. [laughs] And of course, Clay Aiken, he’s almost too easy to take a shot at, but sometimes words just rhyme. He got caught in the crossfire.[/quote]



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