1991, Banbury

concert donné un vendredi.

Colin s’en souvient avec ironie : peu de monde dans le public… Thom a reçu un compliment assez particulier…

[quote cite=”Lime Lizard, avril 1993″]

How are your groupies? Are they growing in proportion to your success?

Colin: “Yes. They’ve got fatter.”

Any soiled underwear in the post?

Thom: “No, we don’t do that anymore.”

Colin: “Do they do that?”

Jonathan looks aghast: “Does that actually happen?”

Colin: “That’s disgusting!”

Thom: “We usually pull a very good class of groupie.”

Colin: “Like the Noel Coward of Banbury.”

Jonathan: “Oh God, yes! A couple of years ago we played a gig in Banbury and by the end there was only one person left—this man in a slouch hat, coat and cigarette holder. He said to Thom ‘You were wonderful, darling. You played that guitar like it was your penis’.”

Colin: “But it’s nice to know you’re wanted.”

Thom: “Even like that.”

Jonathan: “Especially like that.”


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