19 mai 2002, Bristol

Concert de DJ Shadow où Thom Yorke a fait une apparition en tant qu’invité sur “Rabbit in Your Headlight”

[quote cite=’‘ align=’none’]Shadow is in the UK performing a trio of shows in support of his new album The Private Press, which is released on June 3. At last night’s gig at the Bristol Academy, Shadow announced he had a special guest who would be making an appearance later in the evening. Towards the end of his set, Yorke came on to the stage and performed the song Rabbit In Your Headlights. The track doesn’t feature on either of Shadow’s solo albums, instead on the 1998 UNKLE album Psyence Fiction, on which the pair collaborated. Speaking recently to NME.COM, Shadow, who played with Radiohead on some dates on their OK Computer tour, said he remains a big fan of the group. He revealed : That would be amazing if they did ask me to work on something. They routinely ask me to tour with them, but the timing always seems to be wrong. Hopefully they haven’t given up on me yet because I’d really like to do something with them. I’m an unequivocal fan of that group. Shadow concludes his tour this evening (May 20) at the London Astoria.[/quote]

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