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W.A.S.T.E. (à noter, les points qui séparent chaque lettre ) est l’abréviation de “WE AWAIT SILENT TRISTERO’S EMPIRE.”, une phrase que l’on trouve dans un roman de Thomas Pynchon, “The Crying Of Lot 49”. Thom Yorke est un énorme fan des romans de Thomas Pynchon ! Il s’agit plus précisément d’une société qui s’occupe de vendre les produits dérivés portant le nom du groupe, à la sortie des concerts, mais surtout sur le site officiel  dont l’adresse a longtemps été http://www.waste.uk.com ; http://store.wasteheadquarters.com/ depuis 2014.

Voici comment Mélanie, une des personnes qui s’occupe des relations publiques entre le groupe, W.A.S.T.E. et les fans, décrivait la société (à ses débuts) :
 “w.a.s.t.e was started by the band many moons ago when they used the name for the w.a.s.t.e letters they would send fans to let them know what they were doing. The name came from the book ’The Crying of Lot 49’. From a work point of view we just knew of each other when the time came for w.a.s.t.e to be looked after on a more full time basis. There was no conscious decision for it to be so and everything that has happened just did (I don’t mean to be vague but it is exactly how it happened). w.a.s.t.e belongs to Radiohead and we do what is needed by the band to fulfil what they want for their fans. Everything is decided by all five band members but we just help by exploring the avenues for w.a.s.t.e to evolve. The outcome is always a band decision. Stanley is also an integral part of those changes and someone we work with very closely. In a nutshell ! That’s It !”.

W.A.S.T.E. a privilégié de 1992 à 1998 la formule de newsletters envoyées par courrier aux membres enregistrés. 16 lettres de diffusionont ainsi été créées

Waste #1 – décembre 1992

Waste #2 – avril 1993

Waste #3

Waste #4 – juin 1993

Waste #5 – septembre 1993

Waste #6 – janvier 1994

Waste #7 – juillet 1994

Waste #8 -janvier 1995


L’adresse de l’époque :

W.A.S.T.E.Products Ltd

P.O. Box 322
Oxford OX4 1EY
United Kingdom

E-Mail: correspondence@waste.uk.com


Par la suite, il a été décidé pour des raisons pratiques de ne plus envoyer que des mails. On s’enregistrait à cette adresse :  http://www.waste.uk.com/JoinWaste/JoinNow.html (ne fonctionne plus). En octobre 1999, donc, le premier email est envoyé aux membres inscrits, suivi d’un second envoyé par Colin pour annoncer la création du store online Waste :

“You may have already seen it, but we’re very happy to announce the birth of http://www.radiohead.com , thanks to much work by many kind folk, especially Mel at W.A.S.T.E and Stanley Donwood. We’re excited about it, because it’s our site, and we’re all going to contribute to it. To get to us, click on “us”, and choose a spinning bear. Jonny’s been taking photos at rehearsals, and Ed’s been putting his words to the pictures in his new-songs diary.Thom’s worked with Stanley on drawings and text – some borrowed, the rest an open work-book as he puts lyrics together. Phil’s been writing about local issues which concern him and us all, and I’ve been putting up my fave reads and listens, as we all work towards our new record. We’ll change our contributions regularly, so you can see a part of what goes on, and where our heads are at, as we put the music together with Mr. Nigel Godrich. We’ve also opened our own store, called w.a.s.t.e on-line, which you can access through http://www.radiohead.com . There you can buy some lovely clothes, with designs by Stanley and Thom. You can also join our information service by clicking on “join waste “ at the front of the store. This will be another way to give you news, as well as keeping in touch with you – and you’ll be able to change and maintain your own information, who you are and where you come from, as you see fit. We’re doing this because we want to try and use this amazing communication thingie to natter directly to you and not via any corporate third party bollocks with spinning car ads….so we’ve also just started a Bulletin Board, which you can access through http://www.radiohead.com – click on ‘ waiting room‘. I’ve dipped a toe into its churning waters, and loved being able to talk to someone miles away > about, er, when we’re finally going to get a record out…. Anyway, our site’s still going to be protean and mushy, because we don’t believe in straight lines, let alone straight links, and I hope you’ll be patient as we learn to “up – load “ our obsessions onto you via this net.”


A noter que les gens de W.A.S.T.E. sont toujours adorables et disponibles pour aider au besoin… N’hésitez donc pas à leur écrire.

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