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Radiohead a ouvert pour The Smashing Pumpkins sur cette date :
1 - 13 septembre 1992, Londres, Town & Country Club

On ne sait pas quel regard les membres de The Smashing Pumpkins avait sur le jeune groupe Radiohead qu’ils avaient croisé à leurs débuts, mais en 2008, Bill Corgan, qui joue en solo, est assez critique sur Radiohead :
[quote ]And when the message on Amy Winehouse is drama is better than music, and, for Radiohead, publicity is better than music – no disrespect to them – I think it’s a bad message to young bands of how to make it happen.
“It’s almost like the evil stepchild of the rap bling-bling thing : ’The only way to make it work is I’ve got to come up with a gimmick.’

En juin 2012, il précise sa pensée : il pisse sur Radiohead…
[quote cite=”Antiquiet, juin 2012″]Because I’m not pissing on Rainbow. I’m not pissing on Deep Purple. But I’ll piss on fucking Radiohead, because of all this pomposity. This value system that says Jonny Greenwood is more valuable than Ritchie Blackmore. Not in the world I grew up in.
(…)So I find myself defending things. Is Ritchie Blackmore a better guitar player than me and Jonny Greenwood? Yes. Have we all made contributions? Yes. I’m not attacking that. I’m attacking the pomposity that says this is more valuable than that. I’m sick of that. I’m so fucking sick of it, and nobody seems to tire of it.
source : http://antiquiet.com/interviews/2012/06/billy-corgan-interview-oceania/[/quote]

L’attaque passe assez mal et Corgan est un peu forcé de s’excuser, ce qu’il fera dans Consequence of Sound. Pour ce faire, il  joue la mécompréhension. Quand il a dit que Radiohead était pompeux, il ne parlait pas du groupe, mais de ses fans :

[quote cite=”Consequence of Sound, juin 2012″]It’s not Radiohead that’s pompous; in fact, I think Radiohead is a great band. It’s the pomposity that surrounds Radiohead in a culture that needs to celebrate them to reaffirm their own value system. Like, ‘Isn’t it cool that Thom Yorke just rolls out of bed, puts on his hat, and doesn’t care?’ That’s people reflecting their own values back to themselves. That’s the pomposity. That’s what I said in that quote.

source : http://consequenceofsound.net/2012/06/interview-billy-corgan-of-smashing-pumpkins/[/quote]

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