mi-novembre 1991, Oxford, Jericho Tavern

La set list est bien évidemment incomplète. A priori, elle serait :

1. Unknown Song
2. You
3. I Can’t
4. Stop Whispering
5. Million Dollar Question
6. What is that you See?
7. Thinking About You

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At the end of October Oxford’s thinnest band (The Wild Poppies split up ages ago), On A Friday, played at the Jericho Tavern to a good sized crowd and there was a man from EMI there. A mere two weeks later they play the Tavern again and the place is heaving. There are twenty-five record company A&R men there and they all paid to get in. To put it bluntly, On A Friday are HAPPENING. Good job we chose this month to put them on the cover.
— Curfew, novembre 1991

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