Date Inconnue – Christchurch, Nouvelle-Zélande

La date de ce concert de ce concert est inconnue, l’existence l’était aussi jusqu’en 2014, date à laquelle une journaliste néo-zélandaise a interviewé Phil Selway et lui a parlé d’un concert en 1993 devant 200. Le batteur du groupe radiohead a semblé bien s’en souvenir !


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Twenty-two years ago Radiohead played to 200 people in Christchurch. Vicki Anderson talks to drummer Philip Selway about that night, and his new album.

In 1993, Radiohead played a gig in Christchurch, performing in front of 200 people at Warner’s Hotel in Cathedral Square.

The British band fronted by Thom Yorke were just starting to make a noise loud enough for the world to hear.

Surprisingly drummer Philip Selway remembers the gig well.

“I remember it very clearly,” he says.

Perhaps sensing my slight disbelief, after all the band which formed in 1985 in Oxfordshire have performed thousands of arena shows around the world, he adds: “I do remember that one very vividly. It was just so full; it had intensity.”

He also recalls that “it was very hot in there”.

“We’d done some dates in Australia and played to a handful of people . . . by the Christchurch end of things it was packed out. There was a real excitement to it for us. It was the first time being on the other side of the world for us and seeing that kind of response from people thousands of miles from where you live . . . I do remember it very vividly.”

Also in 1993, Radiohead toured the United States headlined by Belly, with Christchurch band The Bats rounding off the triple bill.

Partway through the tour, Radiohead’s song Creep exploded on to the American charts and Radiohead were moved to the top of the lineup.

“Oh, yes. Oh, my word,” Selway says. “It was the middle of an intense period for Radiohead. Things mushroomed for us. We found ourselves opening for Belly and Tanya Donelly and she’d been someone we’d all looked up to for a good amount of time. That tour was a very intense experience, probably for me one of the most intense tours in some ways. It felt a very different world from the one we were used to. There was a lot to learn and a lot to process. It was what you’d dreamed of for years and suddenly it was there and happening.”


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