Batterie Premier

Suite à la mise aux enchères de sa vieille batterie Premier Cerise, Phil en a racheté une nouvelle, toujours une de marque Premier.

elon Plank, le technicien du groupe, voici la configuration utilisée en tournée, en 2006 :
[quote ]« Phil’s touring gear…. this includes : Premier Vintage white
20« Bass drum, 16 » floor tom, 13 + 10« rack toms, 12 » maple snare and
14″ Noble and Cooley vintage snare…… drum heads are Remo powerstroke
4’s and a Coated ambassador snare…….. also custom triggers and pads
running into Roland SPD brain……….Cymbals are Zildjian…..custom
13« Hi hats, 12 » splash, 15« thin crash, 16 » crash and 18″ breakbeat
ride…… DW9000 Hi Hat remote and premier hardware….. pic is of kit
from earlier in the tour….. 
une photo du matériel de 2006, avant le premier concert à Amsterdam (18 mai 2006) :
[quote ]« No strings on it but here is a pic of Philips new Premier kit taken during setup this morning.  »[/quote]

et des commentaires additionnels, toujours sur le blog de Plank, mais le 12 mai :
[quote ]« Today
is setup and showday 1 in Blackpool, experiments with trying to power
SP303 with batteries and a wireless so it can be walked around with,
instead of 9v 1000ma power supply…….. a 9v pp3 battery gets hot and
suprisingly lasts about 4 minutes and 30 seconds which is tight but
covers one song !!?….. We have made up a shrink wrap battery pack with
8 procell ’D’ batteries to make a neat rectangle but with only 7
connected and some flying leads……we will see how long it lasts and I
will let you know….. it is interesting to experiment with batteries
as the technology is improving all the time and I’m sure it will prove
useful in other ways…….

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