28 octobre 1993, Calgary, Macewan Hall Ballroom

À noter : Le Placebo qui a fait la première partie est un groupe de Calgary, aujourd’hui dissout. Le Placebo de Molko a été signé en 1996.

Preview de James Muretich (Calgary Herald 27 octobre 1993) :
[quote ]
Tuning in with Radiohead
They`re a lot more than just another single-hit freak outfit. Radiohead, with opening acts Crash Vegas and Placebo, perform Thursday at the U of C’s Macewan Hall Ballroom. For information, phone ticketmaster or the U of C campus ticket centre. thom yorke doesn`t want to be a one-hit wonder. And yet that’s the position the vocalist/guitarist for the british band radiohead finds himself in today. the group’s song creep has become a major radio/video hit in north america after having enjoyed massive success in england last year. it amazes me how many people must buy an album and just listen to one song, says yorke in a telephone  interview during the final phase of his « 200-gigs-in-’93 » (one of those being radiohead’s appearance at the u of c`s Macewan Hall Ballroom thursday night with crash vegas and placebo). creep has created so much hysteria we’ve ceased to be what we always wanted to be, which is an album band. it’s that much more difficult now to put ourselves across as something other than a freak outfit. it’s all part of today`s mentality of economics, of not wanting to waste your time. people go straight for the hits and that reduces their choices and the amount of effort they have to make in pursuing something they like. it’s like they’re weaned from the passion they once felt for music. instead, it becomes a drug. you take it when you want it and you get hooked in an instant access way.
look at cd players. hell, i love my cd walkman, but it has a skip function and that’s the attitude of most people toward music these days.
while all of this may sound like so much biting-the-hand-that-feeds-you, yorke sees radiohead’s debut album pablo honey as merely the first step toward hopefully making music that stands up with that of his influences — artists such as syd barrett, tim buckley, david sylvian, elvis costello and r.e.m.’s michael stipes. stipes was a huge influence. i thought ’who is this guy rambling on and on and i can’t make out any of the words ?’ i want to do that.
yorke’s lyrics are more decipherable on disc, however. and that is radiohead’s forte. pop-rock with an acerbic twist that’s often on the bitter side. from the self-loathing snarl of « you`re so f…ing special but i’m a creep  » to the refrain from anyone can play guitar where he sings : « climb my hair, climb my hair, i am jim morrison. » yorke laughs. i just ranted that verse the day after i saw the doors’ film. that film really wound me up, really upset me. it was like he (morrison) was some sort of arthurian legend or something. it was making rock music what it never ever should be. he was really just some guy out of his head a lot.
but, having said that, at the same time i`m sort of jealous of that morrison legend. any man would love to be that good-looking and have that many people flocking about you.
and while pablo honey, as an entire album, will not set the world of pop afire, it shows a band with the potential to intelligently combine opposing feelings/ideas with strong musical hooks. perhaps someday the « hit single » band will become the « album » band that yorke so desires.
i think we haven’t gotten big enough for it to cause serious damage. we’re not really that big at all.
more like a transistor radiohead ? right. a little widdly one at that. and, to be honest, all that this success has done for us is give us enough confidence to go ahead and do a better album. in other words, one that won’t give radiohead the creeps.

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