27 juin 2000, Athènes, Lycabetus Theatre

Une review qui vient de je ne sais plus où :

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During the soundcheck they played Banana Co., [bishop’s robes->]
and many times [kid a->] trying to change the ending (harmonica and drums continuing playing along with the piano I think). According to the set
list it was planned to play [lurgee->] after [kid a->] but for unknown reasons it was erased. After they finished [kid a->] Thom was too happy as Phil managed to play what they had agreed at the soundcheck. During Exit Music a guy was screaming (tooooo loud) and lots of the first line people were annoyed, and Thom kept smiling and at the 2nd verse he stopped singing the song (because he was laughing), smiled at Elegia (from the official Radiohead message board) that was at the centre and then he continued singing. Thom dedicated [airbag->] « to driving in Athens » and everyone was laughing cause it’s horrible driving in Athens…
In the middle of the 1st encore, people asked them to play Creep. The band didn’t like that and Thom showed his tongue to those who were in front of him. While playing [exit music (for a film)->] a woman screamed so loud that Thom stopped singing for a while (actually he didn’t say the words « breaks loose »). After finishing the song he screamed too, and said YOU, pointing her. While playing [everything in its Right Place->] Thom approached the audience encouraging them to shout loud. But suddenly using his hands, ordered them to stop ! Then, he moved to the other part of the scene and told to the people who were in front of him to do exactly the same thing. After doing this 3 or 4 times he moved to the centre of the scene and started dancing, listening his voice from Jon’s pedals.


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2 avril 2001, Auckland, Saint James Theatre


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