22 aout 2008, San Francisco, Outside Lands festival

Cette nuit c’était l’Outside Lands festival, près de San Francisco.

Le concert était apparement phénoménal – "simplement magique, comme quelque chose qui n’est pas entièrement de ce monde", d’après LiveDaily. Voilà un extrait de leur article:

[quote ]

Up next on the big stage, it’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s the Thom Yorke Superfriends Party! Early technical glitches plague Radiohead‘s first handful of songs (including a couple minutes of total silence, which prompts Yorke to wonder who spilled their beer on the power cord), but the remainder of the set is sensational.

It would be easy to take Radiohead for granted at this point. They are sort of everywhere, in a psychic sense, and they belong utterly to this generation. They are our Beatles. Twenty years from now you will realize this and it will make you smack your head that you didn’t pay better attention when you had the chance.

Friday night in San Francisco, with the gorgeous strains of "Airbag" rising up to meet the mysterious fog blowing in from the ocean, up and over the enormous stage, and into the first nighttime concert ever held in Golden Gate Park, they were simply magic, like something that doesn’t fully belong to this planet.

Yes, they’re that good.



Setlist: (source:, Ken "Sushizzle" K.)

       1.   15 Step  
       2.   Reckoner  
       3.   Airbag  
       4.   There There  
       5.   All I Need  
       6.   Nude  
       7.   Talk Show Host  
       8.   National Anthem  
       9.   The Gloaming  
       10.   Videotape  
       11.   Weird Fishes/Arpeggi  
       12.   Idioteque  
       13.   Karma Police  
       14.   Jigsaw Falling Into Place  
       15.   Just  
       16.   Exit Music (for a film)  
       17.   Bodysnatchers  

       18.   Pyramid Song  
       19.   You And Whose Army?  
       20.   Paranoid Android  
       21.   Fake Plastic Trees  
       22.   Everything In Its Right Place 



[quote ]

Reckoner (HQ disponible)



Nude (extrait; public à la rescousse après un problème technique!)


Weird Fishes (HQ disponible)


Karma Police (HQ disponible, belle qualité mais incomplet)



Image: Flickr, whoaza

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