2 aout 1997, Seattle, End Fest, KNDD Radio Show.

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KNDD Radio Show. Radiohead vocalist Thom Yorke was having a difficult time accessing the V.I.P. area to grab a bottle of water. At the backstage gate, he was stopped by a hefty woman in a ball cap and blue security shirt whodemanded to see his pass ; the squinty, mole-faced musician merely snarled at her and passed through the gate anyway. On his return trip, Yorke was stopped again by the woman, who was subsequently briefed by a Radiohead representative on his rock-star status—the Radiohead singer passed through yet again, turning around and snarling three more times as he made his way up the steps to the stage. The diminutive lead singer’s cocky and annoyed stance throughout the performance only seemed to add to Radiohead’s furiously charged set, which was easily the best act of the day. Opening with fake plastic trees from the bends, the band melodically crashed and head-wagged its way through the set, as the eternal mosh pit slowly churned its contents of flailing limbs and bared midriffs. Through the flying toilet paper rolls and wafting pot smoke, Radiohead cranked out lucky and airbag, at times confounding those in search of the pop hook and chorus. But despite all that, the Brits were well received, and Yorke ended the set by expressing his obvious (and well-known) distaste for the mosh pit : Any of you down front who hurt somebody who doesn’t want to be hurt should be run over on the way home. Fuckin’ mindless idiots.


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