17 novembre 1992, Canterbury, Université du Kent,

Selon cet article de 2014, Radiohead serait passé à l’université du Kent en 1992 :

La date n’est attestée par aucune gigographie du groupe, mais une “review” du concert, toujours dans le même journal, vient apporter du crédit à l’ensemble :

Quelques extraits (la revue complète à lire ici ) :

[quote cite=’’](…)

And in late 1992 they bowled up the University of Kent in Canterbury as part of a three act line-up.

Make no mistake, they were not yet successful enough to be headliners. They were, instead, support act for Kingmaker, a three-piece band from Hull who were, just trust me on this, pretty good at the time. Well, I liked them.

The other act was a bloke from Brighton who did circus tricks. It was an odd evening.

The venue was a small low-ceilinged room which was just right for bands who could pull in crowds of more than a few dozen and as myself and a couple of friends arrived we strolled to the bar.(…)

Radiohead came, and went, and I couldn’t be bothered. My ‘I was there’ story trickled through my fingers.


But, in a finale which would make anyone cringe, we did end up chatting with him afterwards when, remarkably, we actually met Kingmaker.

But saying I once had a drink with Kingmaker doesn’t, you will be no doubt astonished to hear, win you any brownie points with a teenage daughter wanting hard proof her father isn’t as dull as he makes out.

It does nothing when I try and convince her the balding, greying, podgy fellow who stands before her was indeed once young and while perhaps not quite with their fingers on the pulse, then at least aware of where an underground music culture’s pulse was.

But, I’m afraid to say, it was in another room to the one I was in.



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