11 septembre 2001, Berlin, Parkbühne Wulheide

une review :

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I’ve just returned from Radiohead’s show in Berlin. The band did play after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center. At first, Thom didn’t mention what was going on, except for : What can you say after a day like to day. I guess, there is nothing to say. A couple of songs later Thom said that he was trying not to say anything and apologized for being mute. He then realized that the crowd was probably not aware of what went on in the USA, so Thom & Ed tried to explain the situation. But, I guess that for the people who didn’t know (and I think that a lot of people didn’t have a clue), really couldn’t comprehend those facts.”


Soundcheck : knives out, like spinning plates, airbag, hunting bears, packt like sardines in a crushd tin box, the national anthem, i might be wrong

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