Y’aura du Phil

Dimanche, Phil Selway remplace son copain Guy Garvey (le nounours triste d’Elbow) sur BBC6. Un autre présentateur de la chaîne l’a rencontré devant la machine à café (vous voyez où on tombe côté info exclusive!):

[quote cite='(témoignage sur le vif de Stuart Maconie)’]Yesterday, leaving the studio complex at Media City Salford, someone called my name in reception. Ah, there’s Phil, I thought, strolling over to say hello. He asked me what I’d been up to, what kind of Christmas and new year I’d had, and how the new book was going. In turn, I got it out of him that he was here to cover on a 6 Music show. He’d not really done this sort of thing before and was anxious. I assured him he’d be great and wondered if he wanted me to sign him in. No, someone was on their way to do that. And with that, I got my espresso and mulled over the fact that the man I’d just passed the time of day with was in fact the drummer in one of the world’s biggest rock groups and global superstar, Philip Selway of Radiohead, waiting patiently to get his visitor’s pass.[/quote]

Lien vers l’émission de dimanche (qui sera en podcast tout de suite après):

Si vous en avez assez de vous repasser en boucle Nîmes 2012, l’ateaser Kaspar vient de créer un nouveau site pour stocker les enregistrements live piratés depuis un moment. Vu l’ambiance troll qui règne désormais sur ateaseweb, on le comprend. Tous à vos cassettes:


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