We Agree

On sait juste que Radiohead avait travaillé cette chanson, et même pensé en faire une face B pour un CD Street Spirit, mais que finalement, elle a été jugée vraiment trop faible… comme nous l’explique Ed dans une interview de janvier 1998 :


janvier 1998 

The new songs that were aired on tour. They’ll be coming out on the Street Spirit CDs?
No. The B-sides to Street Spirit are Bishop’s Robes, which we’ve played live, another called Talk Show Host, and one called Molasses.

Isn’t there one called We Agree?
Yeah, but we’re not putting that on. How do you know about that? Some people liked it, but I don’t think we really did it justice, whereas the other songs are really fantastic.

— Radiohead World Service #3, january 1996
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