Suspiria, Music by Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke est présent au Festival de Venise où le film est présenté pour la première fois. Merci à Owen du lien remonté ici (l’intervention de Thom est à 18’20…): il explique que, très admiratif du film de Dario Argento et de sa musique, il s’en est tout à fait éloigné et a travaillé en studio en laissant infuser en lui l’ambiance musicale des années 70 (en particulier en retournant vers le krautrock). Il décrit l’ensemble du processus comme s’il avait « jeté des sorts » et reçu en retour des échos et des inspirations.

Le contenu de son intervention lors de la conférence de presse est retranscrite dans

Le film reçoit des critiques variées comme il se doit au regard de l’intérêt que suscite à la fois le réalisateur, l’entreprise de remake, les références culturelles nombreuses qui l’irrigue. Il a été très bien reçu lors de la projection à Venise.


La bande originale sortira le 26 octobre. Et Thom sur ce morceau au moins. Et c’est étrange et beau:


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  1. valerie
    29 août 2018 at 20 h 42 min —

    Oui ce sont des spams, je pense qu’une mise à jour est nécessaire mais je laisse Laurent s’en charger. Je vais le prévenir.

  2. Owen
    31 août 2018 at 14 h 28 min —

    Thom Yorke et XL recordings ont posté une vidéo sur Instagram (Oui, Thom a Instagram) et ça semble être un teaser (peut être pour la BO de Suspiria).

  3. valerie
    31 août 2018 at 20 h 01 min —

    Oui mais un teaser de quoi: une danseuse, du piano…ça ne ressemble guère au nouvel album électronique attendu et aux morceaux présentés lors de ses concerts solo…bande originale de Suspiria?

  4. Avatar
    1 septembre 2018 at 13 h 51 min —

    Ça ressemble à like spinning plates

  5. Owen
    2 septembre 2018 at 19 h 52 min —
    Conférence de presse de l’équipe de Suspiria à Venise
    Thom parle de la création de la BO à 18:15

  6. Owen
    4 septembre 2018 at 17 h 34 min —

    Premier clip « Suspirium » :
    Magnifique balade au piano avec un très joli clip

  7. Avatar
    4 septembre 2018 at 21 h 28 min —

    Et interview sympa donné à un journal Belge (De Morgen) :

    Some men buy a motor when they turn 50, but Radiohead front man Thom Yorke treats himself to a new job as a film composer. With nodding knees he wrote the music for Suspiria , a crazy remake of Dario Argento’s eponymous 1977 culthorrror film. We had an exclusive talk with Yorke at the Venice Film Festival, where the film premiered last weekend.

    « What the hell is not here, » Thom Yorke thought to himself when he was standing in front of an army of loudly screaming photographers on Saturday evening, on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. Radiohead’s frontman, who turns 50 next month, is not so keen on media attention. Let alone on the circus that comes with a glamorous film premiere. « For me it feels like I’m being put in front of the firing squad, » he grins.

    Fortunately, that torment is behind us when we meet Yorke. The singer looks completely relaxed. Through the open window we hear the sea rustling softly, and in the corner of the room is York’s girlfriend: the Italian actress Dajana Roncione, who visibly makes him happy. The somber, stubborn Yorke that you might expect based on his music is nowhere to be found. With his manicured man and his minimalistic outfit in soft pastel colors he even radiates something Japanese.

    A year ago, however, Yorke was less inclined: when, at the request of Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino, he started writing music for his next film Suspiria – a remake of Dario Argento’s eponymous 1977 culthorrror film – he got embarrassed. « A frightening experience », he called it at the time.

    Was it so bad?

    « No, I meant that positively! ( Laughs ) It was just all very new to me: working for someone else, in the context of a horror film, and with complicated dance scenes … That was a direction that I myself normally would never go out, so I really had to push myself.  »

    Was it the first time that a director asked you to write film music?

    ( smiles ) « No. They also approached me for Fight Club . »

    A film that is now considered one of the greatest classics of the 90s. Why did you refuse then?

    « Because I was completely broken, we had just finished OK Computer , and I was not able to do anything anymore, let alone write a soundtrack, so I said  » naaah  » when they sent me the scenario ( laughs ) I know Edward Norton ( the protagonist in ‘Fight Club’, LT ) well: he makes a joke every time we see each other.  »

    Do you regret it yourself?

    « Of course, but I had probably made a mess of it at the time, and the soundtrack that the Dust Brothers made in the end was perfect. »

    ‘If I ever started making film music, horror seemed to me the best genre to work with’

    How did you get involved in Suspiria ?

    « Luca Guadagnino asked me myself, and again I wanted to say no. ( Laughs ) The idea did not appeal to me immediately, but the way in which Luca described what he wanted to do, caught me in. Witchcraft, dance, the collective energy of a group of women: I found these elements very fascinating, and if I ever started to make film music, horror seemed to me the best genre to work with.  »

    Horror is indeed not strange: your songs, artwork and video clips are full of darkness, fear and paranoia.

    « Exactly. ( Laughs ) And it was great to let me go all the way in. I’ve always liked to make creepy sounds, and now I finally had a free conduct in my studio for days the most frightening sounds from my modularity. synthesizer to be pressed in. Delicious: « And I’m being paid for it too! », I thought constantly.  » ( laughs )

    Your Radiohead colleague Jonny Greenwood has been making film music for a long time.

    « Delicious. And I’m still being paid for it too !, I thought constantly ‘

    « Yes, I have a huge admiration for Jonny’s film music, and when I saw Phantom Thread , I really wanted to kill him. » ( Laughs ) What he did with that soundtrack is so difficult! I saw him study Debits for days on end, and then just sit down at the piano and do his thing, I thought, « Holy shit, and I work with that guy! » ( laughs ) I was very proud of him.  »

    Have you consulted Jonny before you started Suspiria ?

    « Yes, we usually just get rid of each other, but now he has given me some very useful tips, for example that I could start to write before I got the images my music would be used for. you slow down a lot, I just pretended to make an ordinary album – that felt more familiar.  »

    Will Suspiria become a full-fledged album?

    « Yes, even a double album, I have written a lot of music, and it is not all used in the film, but I am very satisfied with it, and I spent a year and a half of my life on it. : I made all those songs on commission, sometimes with very specific instructions from Luca – a choir here, a string quartet there … But in the end you make all those songs your own, and that’s how I realized in the long run: this is a record The music can stand on its own There is also a clear evolution: it all starts very light, but at the end of the second album it gets really fucked up .  » ( laughs )

    The opening number could have been just as good on a Radiohead record.

    « Yes, except that it is a waltz, so that would never get past Jonny. (Laughs) » It’s a fucking waltz!  » he would say so we will never be able to play live, I fear.  »

    The music of Goblin from the original Suspiria is legendary. Have you used them as inspiration, or have you consciously stayed away from them?

    ‘I have become increasingly filmic in my way of writing. I now enjoy creating more songs in the abstract ‘

    « When people heard that I was going to make the music for the remake, they said, » Are you crazy, how the hell are you going to do that?  » Because the soundtrack of the original film is very intense, the whole film is like a very long rock video, but what Luca proposed was miles away from it, he said: ‘Thom, I want to make the most melancholy horror film ever’. nice, because with melancholy I have some experience. ( laughs ) Then I understood that in my soundtrack I did not necessarily have to refer to the original music of Goblin, let alone let me intimidate it .. They are really two completely different soundtracks .  »

    Is film actually important in your life?

    « Nowadays! » ( Looks at Dajana ) We watch a lot of movies at home, hey, with the children often, Christopher Nolan is one of our big favorites, as a child I was fascinated by 2001: A Space Odyssey and when we went with Radiohead OK Computer , we have reviewed all spaghetti westerns with music by Ennio Morricone.  »

    Is film an influence in your music?

    « I think so, more and more: in the past I was focused on songwriting : I wanted to be told something in a three, four, five-minute song, but I’ve become more and more film-like in my way of writing. create numbers in the abstract.  »

    You will be 50 …

    « Thank you for reminding me of that. » ( laughs )

    Do you still enjoy being in a rock band?

    « I enjoy it even more now than in my twenties. » When I was young, I did not feel so comfortable with what such a band brought with me. « I was an angry fucker.. I was constantly rebelling against everything. That made life quite difficult. Now I have taken much more peace with what I do in life. I used to be an obsessive perfectionist. It had to be like that, and not otherwise. I could not let go of the control, even on the stage. But over time I have come to realize that the whole point of a live performance is to release the reins. An artistic process only becomes exciting when you start with a certain idea, but do not know where you will end up. That is why I can now work on a horror film. I would never have done that in my twenties. Now I just let myself be carried away, and we see where it goes. Delicious.  »

    Suspiria arrives at the cinema on 14/11.

  8. valerie
    4 septembre 2018 at 23 h 40 min —

    Merci pour cet article.Une interview vraiment intéressante et rafraîchissante.
    L’album de la musique originale sortira le 26 octobre (cf.mise à jour de l’article)et Thom chante sur au moins ce titre (on dirait un morceau de PJ Harvey):

  9. The thief
    5 septembre 2018 at 15 h 02 min —

    Belle valse en effet, hâte d’entendre la suite. Pour autant peut on parler de Lp3 ? C’est plutôt une œuvre de commande à part dans l’œuvre de Thom. De quoi patienter en attendant un Lp3 plus personnel avec les titres entendus lors de la tournée.

  10. Avatar
    5 septembre 2018 at 18 h 34 min —

    Merci pour l’article sympa Endymion! Rafraîchissant en effet!

  11. astyl
    7 septembre 2018 at 0 h 09 min —

    Hello les gens,

    Désolé pour cette absence, mais pour paraphraser ce cher Oscar, la beauté est dans l’oreille de celui qui l’écoute.

    Du coup, une énième écoute de Suspirium et les paroles qui hantent…

    Quelqu’un pour améliorer ma traduction avant de la publier?

    This is a waltz thinking about our bodies
    What they mean for our salvation
    With only the clothes that we stand up in
    Just the ground on which we stand
    Is the darkness ours to take?
    Bathed in lightness, bathed in heat

    All is well, as long as we keep spinning
    Here and now, dancing behind a wall
    When the old songs and laughter we do
    Are forgiven always and never been true

    When I arrive, will you come and find me?
    Or in a crowd, be one of them?
    Wore the wrong sign back beside her
    No tomorrow’s at peace

    Cette valse me fait penser à nos corps
    (A) ce qu’ils représentent pour notre salut
    Il ne nous reste (plus) que nos habits
    Simplement sur cette terre qui nous porte
    Les ténèbres vont-ils nous reprendre?
    Baignés de lumière, baignés de chaleur

    Tout va bien, tant que nous tourbillonnons
    Ici et maintenant, dansant derrière un mur
    Quand nos vieilles chansons et nos rires
    Ont toujours été pardonnés sans jamais être révèlés

    Quand j’arrive, viendras-tu me retrouver?
    Ou dans une foule, seras-tu l’un d’eux?
    tu portais le mauvais insigne dans son dos
    Aucun lendemain en paix (meilleurs?)

  12. valerie
    8 septembre 2018 at 15 h 23 min —

    Ah! contente de te retrouver: je me bats avec les spams depuis quelque temps…si tu pouvais y jeter un oeil….c’est une attaque espagnole cette fois apparemment, caramba!

    Very haunting tune cette chanson pjharveysienne de Thom (dis merci à la dame Thomy :)). Pour la traduction, je propose:
    « C’est une valse à propos de nos corps/de ce qu’ils signifient pour notre salut/juste avec les vêtements que nous portons/juste sur le sol sur lequel nous sommes/les ténèbres vont-ils nous prendre?
    Tout va bien tant que nous tourbillonnons/ Ici et là, dansant derrière un mur/Quand nos fredaines et nos rires/ seront pardonnés et oubliés
    Quand j’arriverai, viendras-tu me retrouver?/Ou au milieu de la foule, seras-tu l’un d’eux?/Avec le mauvais signe derrière à ses côtés/Pas de paix à l’avenir.
    L’interprétation reste ouverte…

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