On ne sait pas encore bien ce que le sort réserve à cette chanson.

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C’est Thom Yorke qui a parlé de cette chanson lors d’une interview accordée à A.V.Club, le 2 juillet 2008 :

[quote cite=”Thom Yorke / A.V.Club, le 2 juillet 2008″]TY : Jonny and I spend quite a bit of time going through half-finished things and deliberately forcing ourselves to finish them so we can get them to the others. I’m getting a buzz out of that—this thing, « Slave, » that I was playing for Ed the other day.

EO : That’s right. It’s quite good.

TY : I’ll send it home to Nigel [Godrich] tonight to mix. Honestly, I could probably use a full day doing it, but you’re in unusual places and want to get out. You don’t want to stay in the hotel all day ; it becomes a little too much for me. It’s a little bit more than I can stand. In the end, when we’re back from this tour, I’ll probably think, « I really should have spent every day finishing stuff. »

EO : He’s finished quite a bit, though.

TY : I’m doing all right. I’m finishing what I want to finish.[/quote]



Lors d’une interview quelques jours ensuite (le 8) d’Ed accordée au webmaster de citizeninsane, le sujet a été évoqué :

[quote cite=”Ed O’Brien / “]Michael: “There was a recent interview with you and Thom done on the American tour, where you said that Thom did a song called ‘Slave’? And that he sent it home to Nigel to mix it?”

Ed: “Mm-hmm.”

Michael: “I thought that was very strange, that you record something on tour and then it’s mixed?”

Ed: “Yeah.”

Michael: “Is it that good?”

Ed: “Well, the good thing is that he was able to probably work on it on his laptop. And he could send it as an audio file, and Nigel can pick it up and mix it.”

Michael: “And that’s usual procedure? No?”

Ed: “No, that’s very unusual.”

Michael: “So, this new material… is any of that intended for a new solo album by Thom? As you say, it’s a laptop thing…”

Ed: “It might be. I don’t know, we haven’t discussed… we’re going to do some studio stuff and rehearsing in November.”

Michael: “In November? OK.”

Ed: “Yeah.”

Michael: “So not in September, there’s nothing…”

Ed: “Well, we’re in between tours. We can’t really. You know, we won’t have the gear. So basically come November, we’ll have the gear and we’ll get into our studio, do a bit of rehearsing.”

Michael: “OK. And see where it goes?”

Ed: “Yeah, exactly. So it’s all very open at the moment.”[/quote]

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