Radiohead pour Haiti le 24 janvier

Thom étant apparemment en train de cuver sa vodka après la folle nuit d'avant-hier, c'est Phil qui annonce que Radiohead interrompt l'enregistrement du LP8 pour donner un concert exceptionnel pour Haiti. Les tickets sont en vente aux enchères.


Radiohead for Haiti
Just to clarify times for ticket sales

Auction starts Thursday 21st January 08.00 pm PST
Auction ends Saturday 23rd January 11.00 am PST

Well, that's all clear now….


Radiohead for Haiti
We're doing a show this Sunday (24th January) to raise funds for the relief effort in Haiti. The venue is The Music Box Theatre at The Fonda in Los Angeles, doors at 7pm. All proceeds are going to the Oxfam Haiti relief fund. We're trying to raise as much money as possible, so tickets will be sold by auction at this site from 8pm tonight until 11am Saturday (PST):

We're in the middle of recording at the moment, so you'll be catching us on the fly…. but if you're up for it, then we are too.

See you then


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