Punchdrunk Homesick Singalong

Enregistrement : été 1994
Sortie sur single : 26 septembre 1994 (My Iron Lung CD1)
Premier live : 30 septembre 1994 (Sheffield)


Voici l’interprétation qu’en fait un magazine :
[quote cite=”Q #261 / avril 2008″]PUNCHDRUNK LOVESICK LOVESONG
This dreamy freak-out had its origins in a row between Yorke and his girlfriend. The title referred to the couple’s curious way of resolving their disagreements. “Whenever my partner and I have fights, we pull out our Punch & Judy puppets,” Yorke revealed. After one particularly energetic spat, Judy needed to be taken back to the toy shop for repairs, at which point Yorke wrote a song oozing contrition: “A beautiful girl can turn your world to dust”[/quote]


Dans une interview de 2010, Ed avait du mal à se souvenir du titre et taquine un peu Colin, qui n’aurait jamais réussi à apprendre la ligne de basse.
[quote cite=”Ed O’Brien / BBC Radio 6, Adam Buxton’s Big Mixtape”]Yeah, there must be and I’m trying to wrap my brain around it. There used to be, I mean, the technically challenging ones are good. I mean, we are very lucky cause we’ve got a big body of songs so the songs we play we’re never sick of. Certainly in the early days, there was a b-side that was on the “My Iron Lung” EP that was called “Punchdrunk Lovesong [pause] ”Love” [pause, Ed can’t remember the title] Punchdrunk Lovesong” [pause] “Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong”. And it had so many chord changes and we always used to joke that Colin used to fluff it [imitates bending a note on bass], bass is very unforgiving. At least on the guitar you can sort of move it or bend the note, but on the bass, if you don’t get the right note, it’s “Ahhh!”. But, we all used to make mistakes, in the early days, when you had a limited number of songs and you played the same songs. And I’ve mentioned Colin, Colin is the best bass player in the world. So I feel like I’m just kind of like…we’re all making mistakes. But he’ll know, if he’s listening, he’ll know exactly what I mean, we used to laugh. [/quote]



[button icon=’iconic-cd’ fullwidth=’true’] août 1994 [/button]
L’enregistrement s’est fait à l’été 1994. D’ailleurs Thom est reparti à la maison avec les pistes qu’il a classées sur un K7 demo : face-A ce qu’il réserve pour l’album (The Bends est en attente), face-B ce qui sera inclus sur des singles.



[button icon=’iconic-cd’ fullwidth=’true’] 26 septembre 1994 [/button]
La chanson sort dans un premier temps sur le CD1 du single “My Iron Lung” puis sur l’EP du même nom.



[button icon=’iconic-cd’ fullwidth=’true’] 30 septembre 1994 [/button]
Premier live de la chanson. Elle ne sera jouée que 5 fois en concerts, et 4 fois en fin 1994, une fois mi-1995 une rareté donc !

30/09/1994, Université de Sheffield :

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