Pump it Up

Version originale : 1978 (Elvis Costello)
Reprise par Radiohead : 1988

Cette chanson, reprise d’Elvis Costello & The Attractions,  a été jouée lors d’un concert donné en 1988 par le groupe à la London Economic School… Le groupe était alors accompagné de deux saxophonistes…

L’originale date de 1978.  Le groupe a par la suite repris une autre chanson d’Elvis Costello (sûrement une de leurs idoles de jeunesse !), “Rhinestone cowboy”.


[quote cite=”Select / avril 1995″]When Colin, Phil and Ed left, college in the summer of 1990, both the horn section and the encore featuring Elvis Costello’s ‘Pump It Up’ were still an immutable part of On A Friday. By now, the band were not only out-of-step, but off the planet.[/quote]
[quote cite=”Colin Greenwood Hot Press, 1996″]Actually, we did a pretty nifty cover of Elvis Costello’s ‘Pump It Up’,” laughs Greenwood, who’s obviously overcome the shame of being associated with a combo called On A Friday. “At one gig we did we had couples shagging on the lawn which I like to think was down to the seductive qualities of our music but I’d say had more to do with the vast quantities of beer that’d been consumed.

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été 1988, London School of Economics



Amatrice du groupe, surtout en concert. Travaille sur ce site depuis 10 ans.

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