petite review de dublin

Thom, Dublin
Une review de Dublin Du concert du 3 décembre pour tout dire, et c’est dans On l’a asez répété, c’était un concert formidable et bla bla bla…

“Dunno if there were too many Red Bulls in the backstage rider this evening, but something has given Thom Yorke wiiings. In fact, along with Thom’s frantic making-shapes-in-the-air dancing, there are many factors to indicate this is not a garden-variety Radiohead experience… Phil Selway on the sampler, doing some unforseen lounge-y shuffle, Colin Greenwood actually laughing, Ed O’Brien looking as if he’s having fun. Perhaps it’s the imminent arrival of two new Radiohead babies, but tonight there is an unmistakeable air of frivolity in the Point. In fact, the show feels surprisingly intimate, a space too small and inadequate to contain the band’s gargantuan genius.”

En tout cas, toujours pas de détails précis pour expliquer si ‘Big Ideas’ a été interprétée par le groupe entier ou Thom en Acoustique…

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