Nouvel Office Chart sur Dead Air Space

(Or, according to my itunes playlist: “My hippity-hop tape for Ori, who doesn’t have/doesn’t like this kind of thing”……)

Follow the Leader – Eric B & Rakim
Strange Eyes – RZA/Ghost Dog soundtrack
Air Hoodlum – Public Enemy (he’s a basketball fan….)
Take Notice – J Dilla
Deez Nuuuts – Dr Dre/Snoop Dogg
Zip Code – RZA/Black Knights
I Left My Wallet… – A Tribe Called Quest
Testin’ Me – Dudley Perkins
Bring The Noise – Public Enemy
Reunited – Wu Tang Clan
Wild – J Dilla
Don’t Believe the Hype – Public Enemy
Microphone Fiend – Eric B. and Rakim
Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest

…..wonder if it’ll convert him?


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