nouvel album dans les bacs en janvier

Voilà, ça semble confirmé cette fois, puis que les managers du groupe Chris Hutton et Bryces Edge, en interview ce matin sur BBC4 ont confirmé qu’un accors est en cours de finalisation, ce qui fait que l’album sortirait en janvier. Chris Hutton a expliqué que ce réseau de distribution moins confidentiel toucherait plus de monde, d’où le besoin de trouver une major.

Extraits de l’interview :

Does this current plan, with consumers setting the price make any financial sense?
Chris Hutton: “It’s just another way of doing things and hopefully it will initiate artists and record labels to think about things a lot more and not just accept the status quo.”

Bryce Edge also said that the band had faith people would not just download the album for free: “We might come out looking very foolish. We’re prepared to take a risk. If your music is great, people will then pay for it. One of the big mistake record companies have made is prosecuting students and kids for doing what we did years ago: taping music. It’s nonsense.” Hutton added: “The wonderful thing is that the consumer can decide how much a download is worth. I’m not sure how much just a digital download is worth. I’m not sure 79p at iTunes is the right price. We cannot control the price when the cd comes out in the shops in January. The market controls the price.”

Regarding the £40 price for the DISCBOX edition of ‘In Rainbows’, Hutton said: “£40 is huge value for money. It costs a lot of money to make. How many drinks do you get for £40. how many football matches can you see for £40.”

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