Nouveau concert solo de Thom Yorke le 25 février

Désolée, pendant qu'on vous informait des changements sur le DAS, Thom Yorke écrivait un nouveau message: il donnera un concert solo pour supporter la candidature aux élections de son ami Tony Juniper, l'ancien président de Friends of the Earth, celui qu'il a accompagné à Copenhague et qui pourrait ainsi devenir le premier député Vert au Parlement anglais!

Le concert se passera à Cambridge, le 25 février et les tickets seront en vente demain midi sur W.A.ST.E. Il dit lui-même avec humour qu'il est sur une pente glissante avec ce truc là mais qu'il n'a pas pu dire non: son ami lui a payé une bière et l'a coincé sans coup férir!

Tony Juniper/ Cambridge Corn Exchange
I'm doing a low key solo thing at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on the 25th of Feb.

It's because a friend of mine Tony Juniper (who used to be head of Friends of the Earth and who i went to the Copenhagen Summit with) is hoping to become one of the first Green Members of Parliament in the UK.
And i wanted to help him out somehow.

I think he'd be a great MP as he knows a lot about dealing with the murky brown waters of politics when it comes to the environment, but has a positive energy with a healthy contempt for the way they operate. And wouldn't it be nice to have someone there who is actually doing more than paying lip service to climate change? And maybe rip shit up a little?

Now normally i wouldn't get involved in politics like this… but lets face it.. it aint labour or the tories is it?!? so..
and anyway he bought me a pint and twisted my arm. it's a slippery slope i know.

what else do i have to say? oh yes the proceeds from said event go to the Green Party of which Tony is a member.
and support will be offered by local person Pete Um.

tickets will go on sale from the waste shop tommoro at midday.

now remember it s a local gig for local people………….. err like me.

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