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Lilly Allen

Lilly Allen n’a pas aimé le ‘pay what you want’ mis en place par Radiohead à la sortie de l’album  In rainbows :

[quote cite=”Lilly Allen,” cite=”Digital Spy, 14 novembre 2007″]It’s arrogant for them to give their music away for free – they’ve got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who haven’t done as well. You don’t choose how to pay for eggs. Why should it be different for music?[/quote]


Ce n’est pas bien méchant vous allez me dire… En septembre 2009, elle remet le couvert :

[quote cite=”Lilly Allen,” cite=”son blog myspace, septembre 2009“]I think music piracy is having a dangerous effect on British music, but some really rich and successful artists like Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Ed O’Brien from Radiohead don’t seem to think so.

“These guys from huge bands said file-sharing music is fine. It probably is fine for them. They do sell-out arena tours and have the biggest Ferrari collections in the world.

“For new talent though, file-sharing is a disaster as it’s making it harder and harder for new acts to emerge.

“You don’t start out in music with the Ferraris. Instead you get a huge debt from your record company, which you spend years working your a*** off to repay.

“When you manage to get a contract, all those pretty videos and posters advertising your album have to be paid for and, as the artist, you have to pay for them.

“I’ve only just finished paying off all the money I owe my record company. I’m lucky that I’ve been successful and managed to pay it back, but not everyone’s so lucky.

“The more difficult it is for new artists to make it, the less new artists you’ll see and the more British music will be nothing but puppets paid for by Simon Cowell.”

She added: “Is this the way we want British music to go? Now, obviously I’m going to benefit from fighting piracy, but I think without fighting it, British music is going to suffer.
Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/music/2638492/Lily-Allens-furious-blast-at-Radiohead-and-Pink-Floyd-stars.html#ixzz2StveglCg[/quote]


Sauf qu’Ed est d’accord avec elle et ne tarde pas à le faire savoir :

[quote cite=”Ed O’Brien / NME, 23 septembre 2009″]”What’s great at the moment is that artists, people like Lily Allen are saying, ‘You know what, there are consequences to file-sharing’, and that’s the first step in engaging the file-sharers,” he said.

Allen had suggested that O’Brien and other already successful musicians had a lax attitude to file-sharing as it wouldn’t affect them as much financially as it would smaller bands.

“I completely agree with Lily Allen,” O’Brien said. “We’re [Radiohead] certainly not going to suffer. A lot of people have downloaded our music for free, but ultimately we don’t suffer as much as a small band.”

He went on to say that young music lovers should be encouraged to stop file-sharing through education and providing cheaper legal downloads. He criticised the Government’s proposal to cut of internet connections of those who persistently file-share.

“At the moment the industry is saying you get them to change their behaviour by threatening them,” he said. “We don’t think this is realistic. Hopefully we can educate them [music fans] and say, ‘Listen, if you want a great vibrant music scene and your favourite bands to be able to carry on doing it, you have a responsibility to pay for some of the work that they’ve produced’.

“Record companies have to license out the recordings a lot more. You want to make it completely user-friendly for somebody to be able to download something. Make it cheaper as well. Basically have more websites out there selling people’s work.[/quote]


Le débat est tel qu’une centaine d’artistes anglais se réunissent et discutent du pirarate, et Lilly Allen en sera. Voilà comment Ed en parle :

[quote cite=”Ed O’Brien / NME, 23 septembre 2009″]”She’s taken a lot of flak for what she’s said. What she’s done has been brilliant because she started the process where artists have stood up and said, you know what, there is a consequence to illegal file-sharing.

“In the meeting, we didn’t always agree but we came to an agreement that we thought was good for everyone.

“We’re going to have further meetings like this, we’re going to get together – we’ve realised the importance of doing this together.”[/quote]

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