le top 20 des chansons de radiohead

Le NME avait fait un appel aux fans pour qu’ils votent… Le résultat des courses est paru dans l’édition de la semaine, et ça donne :
(les commentaires entre parenthèse sont ceux des fans)
1 Street Spirit (Nothing better than a haunting melody)
2 Paranoid Android (Bohemian Rhaposody etc.)
3 Karma Police (It actually has a sense of humour, sort of)
4 Fake Plastic Trees (Completely uplifting)
5 Let Down (Sends me into a spin)
6 How to Disappear Completely (Best track on their best album)
7 Idioteque (Sounds like cats fighting in a blender)
8 No Surprises (Makes me feel better)
9 Lucky (It’s basically a happy song to a sad tune)
10 Talk Show Host (It’s cool)
11 Exit Music (One of Thom’s best vocal performances)
12 Climbing Up the Walls (It’s fookin’ boss)
13 Everything In Its Right Place (Stunningly Clever)
14 Creep (Oh, you know)
15 There There (Stands out)
16 True Love Waits (A gem)
17 Just (Just because)
18 My Iron Lung (Love the change from verse to chorus)
19 Kid A (It rocks)
20 You and Whose Army (The best song ever!) La discrète Let Down a décidément toujours la côte!

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