le DVD : le voilà enfin!!!!!

La bonne nouvelle était attendue depuis presque un an, le voilà enfin annoncé comme ‘Radiohead Television, a 110 minute excursion into the bizarre.’. Pour une petite avant première, n’hésitez pas à regarder la bande annonce (trailer).

Pour le moment, le DVD est exclusivement en vente sur W.A.S.T.E. où vous pouvez dès à présent le précommander pour la somme de 12 £. Les DVDs seront livrés le 1er décembre… sinon il faudra vraisemblablement attendre les fêtes de fin d’année pour le trouver en magasin… Au programme, les 4 épisodes de The Most Gigantic Lyning Mouth of All Time, mais aussi des surprises, des choses annoncées comme inédites, apparemment les webcats… Description complète par Thom Himself!

“This was originally meant to be 4 episodes shown on our very own television channel. It was just before Hail to the thief was released. Everyone was working themselves into a froth. They told us they could get us our own station. Somewhere here, somewhere there, you know. It was very exciting. We were going to take over the airwaves. So we set about puxing together some television. We got lots of tapes from a request we put on our website. Lots. Lots and lots. We also generated some television of our own to avoid going sir crazy in the sudio. It was saved by the dedication of Dilly Gent who diligently went through all the tapes and Chris Bran who edited them together. In the end I think i only got beamed from our website. The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of all Time Something about money, cutbacks, too weird, might scare the children, staV layoVs, shareholders.. you know.. fair enough. It was a shame considering there is a lot of people’s hard work here. It sort of got forgoxen about. Until now. So we apologize to everybody who sent us their work….. SORRY IT’S LATE. But now you can watch i when you want, and maybe actually see i properly as well. It contains music from Hail to the chief etc., and all sorts of other suff from us… videos you may not have seen, and unreleased music that isn’t out anywhere else. A Thom Yorke, 2nd September 2004.”

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