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Folk In Noise

Une formation de jeunesse de Jonny Greenwood. Après avoir participé au groupe The Illiterate hands, il a rejoint en parallèle un groupe plus “jazz”, Folk In Noise. Rien de très sérieux en fait, quelques beuveries, un concert lors d’une soirée de l’école…  :


Récit d’Andy Yorke, qui en est aussi  :

[quote cite=”Andy Yorke” cite=”Mémoires d’Unbelievable Truth, http://www.unbelievable-truth.com/features/biog/biog1.html”]Around this time, I was putting my saxophone skills to dubious use in a “jazz” band, the best thing about which was the name – Folk In Noise. The line-up was me on tenor sax,  Ben Kendrick on alto sax, “Touche” [Toushara Gounatilleke] on drums, Hands manager Mark Schofield on double bass and Jon Greenwood on piano. Our finest hour was playing the school Ball in a marquee in front of the school. We played like idiots, but nevertheless won the praise of the headmaster who proudly announced that Folk In Noise were the best band in the school. We also drank like idiots that night, stealing boxes of red wine from the marquee and taking them to the “CCF hut” where we spent the night. (Mark had the keys.) The next morning we awoke to see a pool of blood on the floor (Mark had cut his hand on an engine of some kind which he had knocked onto the floor) and a trail of red wine bottles leading directly across the field to the marquee.[/quote]



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Amatrice du groupe, surtout en concert. Travaille sur ce site depuis 10 ans.

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