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Les abonnés à la newsletter de Phil Selway (apparemment on ne lui permet pas d’avoir accès au DAS ?), ont reçu cet avis aujourd’hui :

[quote ]

I’m just about to head down under to start the final leg
of this year’s touring with Radiohead. Its been a very eventful time and
although far from plain sailing at points, there have been many
memorable and amazing shows for us. It has all ultimately been extremely
rewarding, both musically and visually. I’ve particuarly enjoyed
sharing the stage with Clive Deamer, who remains more than ever, one of
my favourite drummers. We look forward to playing in Auckland in New
Zealand and Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia in just over a
week’s time.

When we finish the tour, we’ll all take some time
to work on our own projects. I’m itching to get back in the studio next
year to work on my own new material.

Also, I recently
contributed to the wonderful Kate Rusby’s record, just released last
week. As the title suggests, Kate is celebrating her 20 year musical
career, joined by some friends along the way. I was fortunate enough to
play alongside Richard Thompson on ’Who Will Sing Me Lullabies’. Details
of how to get the album are here


Philip x


On est content de savoir qu’ils le sont aussi…et on n’est pas surpris d’apprendre que 2013 sera consacré à des projets solo… Disons qu’on en attend surtout un, mais si Phil veut continuer à pousser la chansonnette, grand bien lui fasse ! Quant à Kate Rusby, on vous a déjà posté un extrait de la chanson sur laquelle Phil a officié…vous en pensez ce que vous voulez, moi ça m’a économisé un Lexomil.

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