Certains aiment, pas d’autres….

Chris Taylor, la tête chantante du groupe Grizzly Bears, dans un entretien à Pitchfork  a déclaré à propos de sa participation à la Bo de New Moon, dans laquelle figurent aussi des chansons de Thom Yorke, des BB Brunes… :

[quote ]

"Initially, it was like, "What?!" But Thom Yorke did it, and we like him. It's like: "If dad does it, it's OK, right?" Radiohead are like parents of good modern rock 'n' roll in certain ways. They paved that path. They've always maintained such a classy vibe environmentally, musically, and as just polite, down-to-earth people. They're really something to look up to and it's comforting to know that bands like that can make great music and it can be well received and they can set a precedent."


C'est mignon, non?


Le chanteur de Fiery Furnaces de son côté n'a pas mâché ses mots pour parler de la chanson Harry Patch (in memory of), qui n'est pour lui qu'une tentative de s'associer à des choses que les gens jugent cools juste par stratégie…

"Fuck you. You brand yourself by brazenly and arbitrarily associating yourself with things that you know people consider cool."

Enfin son staff l'a un peu joué à la Rama Yade ensuite puisqu'un démenti a paru assez vite, ou en fait, on se la joue "euh non en fait, j'ai blagué en faisant comme si ça parlait d' Harry Partch (un compositeur) et non Harry Patch… (genre moi je connais des trucs vraiment intelligents), mais de toute manière je n'aimerais pas la chanson de Radiohead parce que de toute façon c'est commercial et ses fans sont nuls… Je taperais bien sur Beck aussi mais j'ai peur de la scientologie" (NDLR : j'ai un peu outrepassé la traduction de ses pensées, mais il me semble qu'en substance ça revient à ça…)

[quote ]

"Like most creative musicians, Matt Friedberger is not a fan of Radiohead and most of their chart busters. Of course, Matt and all the Fiery Furnaces family are great fans of all Tommys living or dead, so much so that lots of the Fiery Furnaces' work is, because of the pun, dedicated to imitating the Who's Tommy.

"Back in the fall of 1996 or whenever that interview was conducted, the interviewer asked what Matt thought of the Radiohead song celebrating a WWI veteran. Matt naturally thought it would be interesting to pretend that they wrote a song about the celebrated American composer of a similar sounding name, hence his joking in the interview about Radiohead composing a song with something like 48 notes to an octave. It was easy and amusing to imagine Radiohead's attempt to colonize that relatively arcane bit of our musical lifeworld. This is what they used to call, in some bohemian and advertising circles, 'riffing' or fooling around.

"Matt has not heard the Radiohead song about Harry Patch, but if he did, he is sure he wouldn't like it. No doubt Radiohead and their fans can ignore his opinion of this matter and continue with their triumphant artistic interventions. Matt would have much preferred to insult Beck but he is too afraid of Scientologists."


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