Branle-bas de combat

On se demandait hier ce qui pouvait bien se passer du côté d’Oxford, eh bien Thom nous a répondu: nouvel Office Chart sur le DAS, avec Erykah Badu (collab’ chez Flylo?)

sysex office chart

it’s very busy round here at the moment..

the office is in fact full of people measuring things and making lists but i have struggled my way to the photocopier to send you an office chart

sit back and enjoy..

1. It was all a dream by Zomby
2. Stayput by Aardvark
3. Percussion One by Percussions
4. Replica by Oneohtrix Point Never
5. Shyness is Golden by Kid606
6. An iceberg hurled northward through clouds by Gold Panda
7. An echo from the hosts that profess infitium by Shabazz Palaces
8. Conquistador by Yesterdays New Quintet
9. Larari-Olala by Jorge Ben
10. The perilous NIght: VI.- by John Cage.. played by Phillipp Vandre
11. Cactus by Objekt
12. La La by The Stepkids
13. Didn’t cha Know by Erykah Badu

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