Thom sur le board cette nuit

Thom est passé cette nuit sur le board du site officiel, et en a profité pour répondre à quelques questions qu’on lui a posées. En voici quelques unes:

Thom : apologist – Thom 29th Sep 2004 ooeee dont fancy the labour conference meeself. anyone one else? yeeerrkkkk. would need a good shower afterwards. bono is very brave. thm Q : how was fylingdales (or however u spell it) was it fun? Thom :< em> it was highly radioactive. iah the worst head ache. they have problems with leakage. and 400 people work there permanently. and they refuse to do a proper study on the effects, thm Q : ah but when blair and brown are the new lennon and mcartney – witches hat 29th Sep 2004 how could you miss such a treat? (what was he thinking saying that?!?!) Thom : its called buttering up. somtheing im not so good at. thm Q: Bono Is Brave, Isn’t He. You’d have to be to walk out of a giant lemon onstage, I’d think. Hello. Thom : getting on the stage in the first place can be hard some days. Q: THOM WHAT DO YOU SMELL LIKE? Thom : Roses obviously Q: [B]Everybody here always gives Bono a hard time BUT now that Thom says he is brave all you fuckers are going to say how much you love him. Thom : ats funny. a abit like politics. oh the relief of not talking about iraq. Q: Thom i read somewhere that you wanted to go back to Thom : only to get laid. thm Q: To lay into some books you mean? – why so green n lonely? 29th Sep 2004 Right? Thom : um yes Q.: THOM, what have you been drinking? Just a soda water, right? Thom : im stone cold Q.: how’s the album going thom? – angel in limbo 29th Sep 2004 Thom : pffffft

A retenir, surtout, les impressions de Thom sur la manif de Fylingdays, son sentiment sur le discours de Bono, et sa supppperbe réponse quant-au milieu de quelques bêtises quelqu’un a tenté de le faire parler du prochain album…

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