This is the end

copenhagen climate summit
well … i am truly disgusted about the way things have ended here. if you read in tommorrows headlines that a deal was reached?? remember it was nothing like what was needed and was filed by a bored complicit press who needed to show something for two weeks of crap.. and that it reflected the wests inability to lead decisively.
that it will make alarm bells ring throughout the world.
we have no international agreement. this is all too too late.
i feel deeply traumatized by the whole experience. if you'd been there you would also have been.
Il n'a cependant pas perdu son sens de l'humour: dans l'interview ci-dessous, à la question "quel était votre rôle dans la campagne à laquelle vous avez participé en Angleterre?", il répond: "oh moi j'étais la mascotte chevelue!" et de réitérer qu'il ne fait vraiment pas partie de ce monde-là et qu'il veut s'en tenir le plus éloigné possible…
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