Stop Whispering (single)

4ème single de l’année 1993 pour Radiohead.

Chris Sheldon s’est occupé de remixer Stop Whispering, dont la version album ne plait (officiellement) pas au groupe. L’enregistrement n’a pas pris plus d’une journée et demi :

Let’s talk about the new single. ‘Stop Whispering’. – We singled that on out months ago in Creem, before the album was even released in the States.

Ed: It’s a new version that they’re playing, you know. We re-recorded It.

Hey, the Police did that with ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me’.- Are you going to keep re-recording It, like an annual event?

Ed: {laughing} We were just never happy with the version on the album. For us, It kind of lost the plot. So we rerecorded It In a day and a half-, It’s more atmospheric now. Like a Joy Division from the late’70s, early’80s.

Thom: It does sort of blow to do that sort of thing, but It was quite old when we went Into the studio and we didn’t have an angle on It. Later, on the album, we discovered what the angle was.

— Ed O'Brien / Cream, octobre 1993


EMI a alors des projets américains pour le groupe :

We’re releasing “Stop Whispering” as the follow up single over there and apparently a load of radio stations are already behind it, so hopefully we’ll counteract all that.”
But the Fixx had more than one hit in America!
“Oh no! The thing is we desperately want to be successful over here. If it was a choice between the two then I think I’d want success here, personally.”
Hmm. Things seem not to be as well in Radiohead’s paradise as they might be. Despite massive success in America (in comparison to most of the bands featured in these pages their sales elevate them to the level of demi-gods) the band seem ill at ease with the conjecture and plagued with doubts about the microscopic press attention now pursuing them.
— Thom Yorke / NME, 11 septembre 1993


Dans la foulée, Jeffery Plansker  réalise même un clip…

Mais comme nous le raconte le Billboard, ça n’a pas vraiment marché :

However, its follow-up single, “Stop Whispering,” failed to ignite much interest and stalled at No. 23 on the modern rock chart.


Les déclinaisons  ” type=”h4″ color=”blue”]

Une version “promo” vinyle sort pour le marché anglais (12RDJ 6369) . On n’y trouve pas les mêmes titres :

Face A : Ripcord / Prove Yourself

Face B : Faithless The Wonder Boy / Stop Whispering (version album)


Un CD démo avec les deux versions de Stop Whispering est envoyé au DJs américains.


Artworks : ” type=”h4″ color=”blue”]

 Le single américain :

R-1049581-1213040230 R-1049581-1251060312 R-1049581-1251060326 R-1049581-1251060341


La version promo-vinyle anglaise :

R-839992-1164664641 R-839992-1164664656


Le promo américain :

R-3466735-1366109748-9548 R-3466735-1366109759-5268 R-3466735-1366109769-7687

1- Stop Whispering  (version remixée par Chris Sheldon) 
2- Creep  (13 juillet 1993, acoustique à KROQ Radio, Los Angeles) 
3- Pop is dead
4- Inside my head  (30 juin 1993, live au Cabaret Metro, Chicago) 
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