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Steve ’Nipper’ Fitch et Reuben Pinkney

[quote ]Rigging equipment comes from Summit Steel, overseen on the road by Stephen ’Nipper’ Fitch and Reuben Pinkney. They have 42 roof points and then 24 sub-hung motors, incorporating everything from a 1/4 tonne Prostar hoist to a 2-tonne Lodestar, with Summit supplying a total of 73 hoists. The single moving truss of the show is hung on Lodestar JJ super-fast motors which travel at approx 64 feet per minute.

Motor control is via 10 Summit 6-way controllers and three 3-ways. Summit also produced a rigging plot for the tour and worked closely with Fitch on the considerable amount of advanced planning, which made life much easier on the road. The audio clusters are hung on three points (one at the front and two at the back) as supposed to the more conventional two, via a Delta plate so the boxes can be pointed exactly where needed. This has proved a real time saver, and far more forgiving in terms of positionability. All the sub hung motors are installed with hard fixings into dedicated motor trussing (Thomas SuperTruss), so there are 24 less motors needing to be rigged every day.[/quote]

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Amatrice du groupe, surtout en concert. Travaille sur ce site depuis 10 ans.

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