Skip Divided

Sortie sur album : 10 juillet 2006 (The Eraser)
Nouvel arrangement : 21 juillet 2006 pour XFM
Remix : fin 2006 par Modeselektor
Nouvel arrangement : 3 octobre 2008 pour XFM
Nouvelle version (par Atoms for Peace) : 2 novembre 2009 (EchoPlex, Los Angeles)

La chanson a des paroles assez noires mais parle d’amour. Est-ce autobiographique ?

Q: “The world presented in The Eraser is full of paranoia and scary dysfunctional stuff.”

Thom: “I bet you thought, ‘Oh, he’s at it again…’ (laughs). It certainly gets very dark in the middle, yeah – with ‘Skip Divided’, which is about complete disconnection.”

Q: “That song sounds like someone having serious problems in their inter-personal relationships. Is it autobiographical? Or do these words just appear out of your mouth?”

Thom: “It’s always both – he said, being nice and evasive. You always take things from what’s happening to you and whatever psychic garbage that’s lodged in your head.”

— Thom Yorke / Mojo, juillet 2006

10 juillet 2006

La chanson sort sur l’album solo “The Eraser” de Thom Yorke.

21 août 2006
Thom Yorke travaille sur un nouvel arrangement pour la jouer en live, sur la radio XFM.
John, le présentateur l’interroge juste après :

John: “That is Thom Yorke and Skip divided recorded here in the studios of XFM, just minutes ago…. with a Rhodes keyboard, and also, like, hitting the top of the keyboard!

Thom: “Yeah…that’s one of my favourite noises,

John: “It worked really well, I had to really take a double take when I was looking through the glass, to see exactly what you were doing… it sounds so great, it’s almost metronomic, your hand beats!

Thom: “Thank you!

John: “Years of tapping on tables, from school through to….

Thom: “It goes like this!

John: “It sounds great, is that one of the love songs that you referred to earlier on?

Thom: “Yeah, um, kind of, it’s a bit messed up for that. It sounds like it’s more of a love song than it really is. It’s actually a song about, it’s more about the dislocation than anything else to me, when I sing it I have this, I always have the image of slick black oil.

John: “That’s what you were thinking about when you were performing it?

Thom: “Yeah, that and sex…

John: “Interesting combination?

Thom: “Yeah…

— Thom Yorke / XFM 'X-Posure', 21 août 2006

Fin 2006
Thom collabore à l’album ‘The White Flash’ des Modeselektor, qui en profitent pour remixer Skip Divided et la jouer régulièrement en concert :

Bob: “Well, let me play a little bit this cut. This is your cut, it’s skip divided… and uh this is the … it’s a Modeselektor re-mix… Let’s give a listen to that and we’ll come back…

(Plays Skip Divided)

Bob: “Laughs… They did a great job… How’d they go about doing that? Did they approach you, did you take…

Thom: “I Um no I sent the elements through… uh, that track gets progressively more strange… it starts out fairly normal like that and it just gets more alarming…

— Thom Yorke / NPR 'All Songs Considered', 14 février 2008

3 octobre 2008
Thom joue à nouveau la chanson sur XFM, avec un nouvel arrangement, et un octave plus haut:

2 novembre 2009
Avec le nouveau groupe qu’il vient de former avec Flea, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker et Mauro Refosco, Thom reprend la chanson en live sous une nouvelle version à l’Echoplex de Los Angeles :

Elle sera interprétée par le groupe (qui s’appelera ensuite “Atoms for PEace”) régulièrement en 2009 et 2010.

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