Quand Deerhoof parle de Radiohead

Le déjanté groupe américain, qui avait assuré les premières parties de Radiohead lors de la dernière tournée, vient de publier en ligne son journal, tenu depuis deux ans, où bien évidemment il est question de leur travail avec les oxoniens…

Au passage, en plus des MP3 en écoute libre sur la page en lien, précédemment, on en trouvera aussi ici des plus anciens  (dont la jouissive ‘goret in rut’ et son "bunny bunny bunnnnnnnny").

Quelques passages choisis :

[…] But again all nerves dissolved when upon entering the theater, Colin Greenwood immediately comes up and wants to take our picture, treating us like old friends. Thom walks onstage for their soundcheck, spots us, and intones into the mic, “Welcome members of Deerhoof!” Even with years of buildup and knowing there was no way they could live up to the legend, Radiohead were so much better than even my highest expectation, that my whole outlook on the world had to be immediately revised. But what people might not know is how they are in person. All five of them, and everyone in their enormous crew, were all so sweet to us, and such jokers. Colin kept posting pictures of us on dead air space, and he’d imitate Satomi’s dance during their show. Phil brought us cupcakes. Jonny brought us champagne, if we played well. Thom would watch us from the side of the stage. Ed asked us how we got our guitar tone, he wanted to steal it. If one of John’s pedals got busted (a frequent occurrence), someone from their crew would immediately offer to help.

[…] Jonny offered to play his ondes martinot on our album, but then said no when we made him a cd of our rough mixes, saying it already sounded done. We were flattered, but didn’t really agree, and while we spent our days traveling and playing concerts, we spent our late nights sitting at the computer trying to figure out what was wrong with our stupid songs. Like I mentioned before, we had long A-B’d our rough mixes with Radiohead albums. The only comparison more crushing than that would have to be mixing your album in a hotel room directly after a Radiohead concert.

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