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Pearson Sound / D.Kennedy

Pearson Sound alias D. Kennedy /(David Kennedy) est un DJ dont vous lirez biography est actualités là : http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/pearsonsound

David Kennedy a remixé un titre de Radiohead pour TKOL Remix, et ouvert pour le groupe à New York. Quels souvenirs en garde-t-il ? Il n’est pas très bavard…

[quote cite=’Time Out, 16 avril 2013′ align=’none’]Time Out New York: You also opened up for Radiohead at Roseland Ballroom and at about the same time, which I’d guess helped to raise your profile in New York.
Pearson Sound: It was real combination of things. There was Radiohead, the CD, I had quite a few records, there were some remixes and we did a big tour that April. That was a big time for us. It’s hard to believe that was a couple of years ago now.[/quote]


A participé à l’album suivant :


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Amatrice du groupe, surtout en concert. Travaille sur ce site depuis 10 ans.

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