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Other Lives


En 2012, Radiohead choisit le groupe Other Lives pour assurer ses premières parties américains.

source : deadjournalist.com
[quote ]How did it happen that you were able to get the opening slot
for Radiohead for the 2012 tour ? What was your reaction once the deal
was finalized ?

JM : The connection was made through our manager who has been friends
with them for some time. That’s how they heard our record and apparently
they liked it enough to post about it and even come out to one of our
shows in their home town of Oxford. Not long after meeting them we were
offered the tour and, naturally, we were ecstatic.

What are you most looking forward to during the tour ? Conversely, what do you seeing the most challenging aspects ?

JM : Well, selfishly we’re really looking forward to watching them
play every night, but really we’re there to work and to hopefully make a
connection with their audience.[/quote]


Interview vidéo en février 2012 de Other Lives où ils reviennent sur leur collaboration avec radiohead :

idem ici

interview du 24 février 2012  :
[quote ]You’ll be on a headlining tour for about the next four weeks, then you join Radiohead for 13 dates. Are there any kind of nerves that start kicking in as the Radiohead tour gets closer ?

I think so, you know. I’ve said this before. It’s one of these things that I think that nervous energy can really kind of be harnessed into a really positive thing, you know — a really focused kind of high-pressure show. It’s kind of like a big game. I look forward to that. There’s this thrill that I really like.[/quote]

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