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C’est lundi matin, commençons donc par du futile (et presque inintéressant).

Vanity Fair organise en ce moment une exposition de belles photos parues dans le magazine. A l’occasion Rob Sharp dévoile dans un article (que j’ai lu dans The Independant)  l’arrière des séances photo, occasion de lire le compte rendu d’une séance de 2000 avec Radiohead:

[quote ]

"Perhaps predictably, when you are dealing with these kinds of egos, there can be hiccups. When Julian Broad was asked to shoot Radiohead, not the most media-friendly of bands, they were in the middle of the Italian leg of a gruelling world tour. It was 2000 and the five-strong band were at the peak of their post-OK Computer fame. Broad, a veteran of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Harper’s Bazaar, was late for the shoot, which was to take place at the historic Giardini di Villa Reale in Monza, owing to heavy traffic.

The band were being prickly. When Broad asked Radiohead’s introspective singer, Thom Yorke, about posing on a battered sofa in the green room, he was met with a typically outré reply. "You can shoot me on the sofa," said Yorke, "but only if I happen to sit on it. We are not going to pose," he insisted. Broad, already befuddled by a band he describes as looking "like they’d swallowed dictionaries" waited his turn as they moved from room to room and ignored him, baulking at the prospect of having their image managed. Broad only managed a half-dozen shots, capturing Yorke and only two others of the band. But in that instant – he maintains – he added one of the most unique and honest shots to his already superlative portfolio."

[/quote]Voici la photo, retrouvée par Cornelu (ils ont l’air complètement crevés!)


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