Luka Bloom reprend Radiohead

Un extrait du remix que Luka Bloom a fait de No Surprises est en écoute sur le site (chansons 7 de l’album Keeper Of The Flame de Luka Bloom). Voici ce qu’il a déclaré à propos des récentes orientations musicales de Radiohead :

“People ask me if I have heard their new CD. I heard a few pieces on the radio and I’m not really interested. I respect the decisions and choices made by every artist, and whether or not I like the result is irrelevant. I just like songs. I think Thom Yorke is a magnificent writer. He has written some brilliant songs and Radiohead is a great band. No Surprises is a very beautiful, very sad song. It was not easy to catch the power acoustically. Thom Yorke sings it in a very intense way and I felt it was a real challenge to achieve that same feeling using just the acoustic guitar. But I like such a challenge. Records these days are so full of production gadgets that you have to listen many times to hear the good songs. I wanted to see if I could turn a Radiohead song into a Luka Bloom song.”

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