Materiel Thom AMpli

Fender Twin’s VOX AC30s

des infos plus précises postées sur le blog de Plank en mai 2006 :
[quote ]« Thom’s
main Amp is an AC30 special, hand built by David Petersen about six
years ago – a great amp similar to the ones built by him for Brian
May…………… Using standard new issue Vox blue speakers and a mixture of old
Mullard, Tesla and Phillips valves which are again special items burst
tested and supplied by Watford Valves, these guys are the best without
doubt – you can find loads of good valve / tube info on their website…….….
amps were built from the bones of new AC306TB combos, completely
stripped out and hard wired right through with no pcb, tone controls
stripped out and using 2 vol controls only and 2 channels, 1 normal and
one boost……………..these are very powerful amps which we run at about 4 out
of 10 and angled up slightly so as not to take the heads of the front
row at shows !!……………. made a start on the precision bass body and
quickly remembered to go and buy a new dust extractor as the old one has
given up – which is the firrst job tomorrow morning !!
et le 24 juillet 2006 :
[quote ]« Thom »s two AC30 specials date from 1999 and are modded the same way running with Harma valves at present“[/quote]
De l’ampli VOX customisé « cablé à la main » donc, et en finition blanche.

Fender Twin Reverb

Marshall JMO-1 preamp
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