L’avis de Flea

Les Red Hot sortent un nouvel album…sans Frusciante…et eux ils parlent. Flea est interviewé dans Stereogum. Voilà ce qu’il répond quand on l’interroge sur l’intérêt de collaborer avec d’autres musiciens:

Stereogum: That must be super fascinating. I’ve never talked to Thom Yorke, but I’ve interviewed Damon Albarn a bunch of times. It must be interesting for you as a musician since I’m assuming the experience of working with either of those guys as opposed to the experience of working with your own band would be very different things.

Flea: Totally different, yeah. Bands develop their own weird ways of doing things. So our way…we just have this weird way of going about making songs. We just get in the room and start jamming and sounds start coming out and we like them, whereas, I don’t specifically know the Radiohead process, but in my situation working with Thom, it was interesting because the majority of what we did was perform from his solo record The Eraser, and it was taking music that was mostly electronic and translating it to a live band situation, you know? And it was really fun because of the electronic rhythms that he did, the rhythms don’t have normal human rhythms that we’re used to — at least western culture human rhythms — and so it was really fun to have to make my body move in a different way than it normally would, to make it happen. Thom is just a fucking phenomenal musician, just a brilliant transcendent, musician, just without thought he just fucking shreds, and he’s incredible. It’s just great, it’s so inspiring for me to play with musicians who just shine so hard you know? And Damon too, Damon is a brilliant fucking musician.

Et il ajoute qu’il va maintenant passer du temps avec son propre groupe…donc pas d’autres collaborations en vue.


Merci à ThOm d’avoir épluché Pitchfork qui annonce que le second vinyle de remixes de TKOL comprendra une version de “Morning M.Magpie” par Nathan Fake et deux remixes de Bloom par Mark Pritchard. Donc Feral par Lone ce sera pour plus tard…On pense que Flying Lotus et Floating Points vont s’y mettre aussi…il ne leur reste plus beaucoup de choix.

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