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Kid Koala

Eric San, dit Kid Koala, turntabliste originaire de Montréal, jouant avec des sons rock, jazz ou hybrides, Kid Koala a derrière lui une belle carrière (il a commencé en 1998 !) qui l’a amené à tourner un peu partout, et à assurer les premières parties de Radiohead, Beck, Gorillaz. Il s’est rapproché du groupe par le biais de Handsome Boy Modelling School, collectif auquel Thom s’est acoquiné de très loin. Il lui arrive toujours de mixer du Radiohead dans ses shows. Il est fan de Radiohead depuis 1993 !

[quote cite=”Interview Magazine, 31 aout 2012″]BROWN: Out of all the people you’ve toured with—Björk, the Beasties Boys, and Radiohead—whose fans have been the most receptive?

KOALA: I’d say Radiohead, most definitely. I’ve been listening to them since Pablo Honey, so to even have that invitation…I tried to do something that I felt, hopefully, the audience would understand. I just had a little 20-minute set to do my thing.  I remember we were in Baltimore and Colin [Greenwood] and Thom [Yorke] talked to me, “Hey, we were just wondering”— they were so polite about it—”You can say no, but we were wondering if you would be interested in playing some turntables on a couple songs with us during our set?” I said, “Excuse me,” ran to another room and jumped up and down. They were like, “How about ‘National Anthem’,” which is what they used to start their concerts with, so I was actually starting the show with them. [laughs] So many Radiohead stories…[laughs]

One time they were trying to do this song called “In Limbo” and Thom said, “Something’s wrong. It’s missing something.” I was just standing on the side, I always set up on the side and check if the needles are working, it’s not that fun. [Thom] was like, “We need someone to play tambourine…Get Koala to do it. It’s really easy, you just go ‘chka-chka-cha-chka-chka-chka-cha.'” [laughs] They took Thom’s vocal mike and pointed it sort of down to where the tambourine was, so I was literally standing in the middle of the stage—this is at sound check—in front this vast space that would be filled with tens of thousands of people. I was playing tambourine and I’ve never been so embarrassed [and] self-conscious, cause normally I have a bunch of turntables to hide behind. $3000 worth of equipment is a little easier to feel comfortable behind than this little tambourine. I’m standing there right where Tom stands and I’m like, “I’m not gonna play this right here, you’ve got to set me up behind Bill [the drummer].” [laughs]. In hindsight maybe I should have just stood there. [laughs] It would’ve been, “Who’s that Chinese kid playing tambourine?”

source : http://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/kid-koala-12-bit-blues#_[/quote]


– Un remix en direct de Videotape en 2011 :

Le 26 janvier 2014, Colin semble (d’après ce tweet) être en studio avec Kid Koala :


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