I’ve seen it all

“I’ve seen in all” est une chanson de Björk, écrite pour la Bande Originale du film Dancer In The Dark de Lars Von Trier en 2000. Il en existe plusieurs versions, dont une à laquelle Thom Yorke a participé :
– une version chantée par Björk & Thom Yorke, que l’on trouve sur la B.O. du film
– une version chantée par Björk et un acteur, que l’on entend pendant le film
– une version de Björk seule.


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Fin 1999, Björk écrit “I’ve seen it all”. Elle l’interprète en concert, avec le Brodsky Quartet à l’Union Chapel d’Islington pour la première fois en décembre.

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En 2000, Lars Von Trier annonce la sortie de son prochain film, que la musique est de Björk, et même qu’un duo avec Thom Yorle figurera sur la B.O. !

Le duo entre les deux était assez attendu. Apparemment ils ont passé quelques jours ensemble, courant 2000, en Espagne pour enregistrer cette chanson.

[quote cite=”Björk”]

– You’re singing a duet with Thom Yorke from Radiohead in “I’ve seen it all” on the new album. Is he an intense personality as well?

– Yes, but in a very different way. I respect him very much. He’s very shy and uncertain and doesn’t reveil too much of himself. That’s why it’s quite hard for me to explain what he’s like. I can’t do him justice. But he’s a very special person. When he enters a room he affects the whole atmosphere in a very positive way. I also admire his great loyalty towards his band. He sees himself as a member and writer of Radiohead. His work is based on communication and understanding. He’s very down-to-earth and not egocentric at all. We worked together for three or four days, which I’m very grateful about. We worked together with songs, which I had worked on during three years not knowing what to do with them. Thanks to him these songs saw a new light of day and that was a wonderful experience.

source: Zero 2000

Quand Thom en parle, il insiste toujours sur la forte émotion qu’ils ont partagé :

[quote cite=”Q#179, août 2001″]Have you ever had to abort a take in the studio because you’ve got too emotional while singing?
I have to be careful because the rule is, if you’re moved singing a song, the result is usually shit. And it’s a cruel irony: if you want to sing well, and move an audience, you have to be detached and cool yourself. It’s selfish as well: a concert is a shared experience, but if the singer is concentrating on his own feelings, it stops being a shared experience. When I was recording that song with Björk [I’ve Seen It All], I got all emotional at one point, and she said, Don’t do that, it’s selfish! And she was right, because when I’m moved, I’m feeling good, but I’m not projecting the lyrics to the audience, and that’s what a good recording or performance should do. [/quote]
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On a pensé que Thom allait chanter en duo avec Björk pendant la remise des Awards en 2001, mais on n’ accorda que 3 minute à la chanteuse, elle dut donc chanter en solo.

En 2008, Björk et Thom Yorke ont a nouveau collaboré sur un single : Nattura

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