Gibson ES-150

Utilisée en 2000
pour Street Spirit.

Voici ce qu’en dit Plank, le technicien du groupe, en mai 2006 :
[quote ]The 125 is also used as the spare for it’s bigger brother an ES150,
which is used for Street Spirit. They are standard including original
pots ! The only addition being Schaller strap-locks to replace the
original strap buttons which tend to let go if subjected to much
movement …………..and as usual, fitted with a switchcraft mono jack
socket after the original fell apart…………………The bridge on
both guitars needs checking frequently as they are often played
enthusiastically (?) making them move and throwing out the
intonation……….I have found that using a small amount of double
sided tape on the underside of the bridge helps keep things in place…[/quote]
et voilà la guitare en action au festival de Bonnaroo en 2006 :

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