Ed O’Brien sur BBC6 dimanche prochain 13h heure française

Adam Buxton annonce sur son blog qu'il enregistrera son émission dominicale vendredi 18 juin avec Ed O'Brien, entre deux sessions d'enregistrement (donc, c'est pas fini!)

On peut suggérer des questions et des morceaux pour le fond sonore, sur le thème de l'Espace (?):


L'émission a lieu dimanche 20 juin à 13h, heure française (12h00 -14h00 heure anglaise) sur BBC 6

L'émission sera vraisemblablement podcastée, mais ce n'est pas tout à fait clair.

Aucune information fiable ne pourra sans doute être tirée de cette interview avec le compère Adam Buxton, vrai fan de RH mais surtout joyeux drille spécialiste des farces et canulars en tous genres !

Extrait de l'émission qui donne le ton :)

Ed: I think this is the greatest work we've ever done. Were pushing our boundaries, Thoms got a lot of great ideas, Jonny has some great compositions..were just getting along really well together..and our Fans will be surprised to find some..well, surprise tracks on there..some early fan favorites.

6 music- Really, Like Lift!..Big Boots!!

Ed: more like spooks

6 music: oh……so changing the subject, what is this album going to sound like overall

Ed: dark and heavy

6 music: dark and heavy?

Ed: yeah dark and heavy

6 music: didn't you recently just say it was going to be light and have movement

Ed: well will sound like that too

6 music: is there anything your telling us that isn't bullshit.

Ed. uh…no

6 music: have you even started working on lp8

Ed. ….no

6 Music: God Dammit

Ed: but man, does Phil have an album for you! possibly the greatest work hes ever done, and if I must say, what a beautiful front cover. Thats a picture of my family you know.

6 music: shit…well, um..hows Thom doing these days

Ed: Thom…no ones seen him in two months

6 music: Two months!!

Ed: yeah I think he's in the gulf

6 music: in the ocean?

Ed: yeah, underwater, trying to plug up the oil spill

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