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Plus de détails ici : http://www.clinicvoot.org/

Clinic est un groupe originaire de Liverpool, formé en 1997 de Ade Blackburn (guitare, clavier, voix), Brian Campbell (basse, choeurs), Hartley (guitare, clavier) et Carl Turney (batterie).

S’evertuant à porter des masques de chirurgiens, les membres de Clinic font une musique noisy et dérangeante. Clinic avait déjà sortis deux albums en 2000, John Peel (de la BBC1) leur avait donné un coup de pouce, mais le succès viendra vraiment pour le groupe quand Radiohead, qui appréciait assez sa musique leur propose de faire les premières parties de leurs concerts à deux reprises : de juin à octobre 2000, puis de septembre à octobre 2001.
Clinic a sorti notamment l’album Walking With Thee en 2002 et Winchester Cathedral en 2004. Un 5e album intitulé « Visitations » comportant 12 titres est sorti le 9 Octobre 2006.


[quote cite=”Dot Music” cite=”mars 2002″]

Your profile has been raised considerably since the Radiohead tour. How was that ?

From ’Kid A’ to ’Amnesiac’, they were touring almost constantly, and we played in Europe and in Japan with them. It was fine. We weren’t treated like the obscure support band that no-one gives a toss about. We really were appreciated both by Radiohead and the audiences. They knew some of the stuff we’d done and they weren’t staying at the bar or whatever.
Carl :  I think we’re more suitable for Radiohead at this time in their career than at any other. Their audiences are now more receptive to something less mainstream.

Did you socialise with them much ?

Aiden :  Because a lot of it so geared around the show, and it’s not like going on holiday with someone around Europe, you don’t see that much of each other.
Carl :  There were communal areas, where we socialised, and it’s cool because you’re sharing the same venue and billing, and you have common ground because you’re into the same music. It was nice, there was no major socialising but it was a nice atmosphere. They weren’t difficult at all. It was an exciting time to hear them doing something different. It was quite a challenging period and to see that over a number of gigs was interesting.[/quote]

Sur le Dead Air Space le Vendredi 2 Novembre 2007, Colin a posté le message suivant :

[quote cite=”Colin Greenwood ” avatar=”http://www.radiohead.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/colin05-150×150.jpg”]CLINIC IN FARNHAM 16.11.07

Clinic (supported by Clockwork) play friday 16th November at The Maltings in Farnham, Surrey (01252 745444) 7.30-10.30 –
I’m very excited about seeing them, one of our favourite bands indeed !
all proceeds to UCCA photography student’s degree show fund
see you there – colin


Une photo des membres de Clinic en session radio avec Colin le 24 janvier 2008 :



[quote cite=”Colin Greenwood BBC 6 Music ‘Marc Riley’s Brain Surgery’, 24 janvier 2008″ avatar=”http://www.radiohead.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/colin05-150×150.jpg”]eah, it’s brill, we’re all big fans in the band, and we toured with them like years ago. I think we went to like…like far flung countries and we went to Europe as well, but yeah…no it’s brilliant. And when I walked in and they’re all in here wearing Hawaiian shirts and masks, and it’s going to be brilliant [/quote]

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